Saturday, February 25, 2006

dog blog 3.0

Groucho in a rare moment of tranquil cohabitation with Dora. and me.

So here I am, squatting in my friends' apartment in Bologna. Bolognese student-style: coop meals, bunkbeds, dogs, heating set at 50 degrees. Despite all this, and a recent bout of the flu that we all shared, it is great to be back. And it's great to have friends who put me up. I owe them a nice out-of-your-hair-finally present.

Soon I get my own place! As soon as A. moves out.

Bologna is mostly as I remember it. And I as it remembers me. This morning I passed by my parucchiere to fix an appointment for a haircut; he greeted me with, "See, your hair is still shiny from the conditioning treatment we gave you."

Still damp, cool, grey. It's still a place to come inside and have a bowl of tortellini in brodo. Still a place to sleep in on weekends and to have plush slippers by your bed; to ignore the rules when the puppies want to climb in bed with you.


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