Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A sunny spring day in Bologna

Today is perfect for an afternoon playing in the garden at via Broccaindosso. I hauled most of the my finds from the mysterious garden shed out into the sun to take photographs:

la cabana, the shed, hidden under ivy

how long has this vine been here? it's ordinary ivy but the effect is romantic and spooky

marvelous object #1 leaning against the bay tree: a shovel? but not just a shovel...

object #1 detail: .... a WWII helmet! (swords into plowshares)

marvelous object #2: la casetta degli uccellini

#3: antique tool collection
not rusty, vintage

antique tools: the handles hewn from small trees

the pomegranate tree: this photo doesn't do it justice, the trunk is about a foot and a half in circumference

the via Broccaindosso residence: S. on the balcony and laundry drying in the sun

Not shown: a massive 19th c. chest of drawers; a fascist chamberpot with inflatable seat by Pirelli, the logo includes a map of Italy that includes present-day Croatia and framed by fasci; another birdhouse, constructed of a wooden beer crate (pre-war); more tools; terracotta pots and planters.

The Fascist piss-pot is my favorite find, particular enough to be a collector's item but such a strange object. There's talk of putting it all up on Ebay and buying the household a new washing machine. Any offers?


Blogger Brad said...

Very good!
Great photos.
Are you still active in blogging?
Brad :)

February 19, 2009  

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