Saturday, June 24, 2006

super frittura

When I discovered that fresh anchovies cost only 2.50 euros a kilo, I decided I needed to learn to clean fresh anchovies. Cleaning fish is never a task I take lightly, and cleaning little fishes seemed even more daunting. I imagined myself starring in a 'Lucy works in a cannery' episode of "I Love Lucy". Luckily anchovies are fairly simple: snip the fins, cut the belly, gut and remove the head and bones in one clean sweep. No hilarity ensues.


I love little fishes. Smelts, sardines, fried, marinated, salted... I would keep a tank of alici, anchovies, in my kitchen if it were plausible (I have researched the possibility).

This particular anchovy was destined for a mega fritto misto at Via Broccaindosso last night. Despite the 98 degree heat we gathered around a cauldron of oil to fry up alici and totani (see holy squid!) and french fries accompanied by cold beer.


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