Wednesday, September 21, 2005

bo morning

summer decided over the weekend to give up and let fall take over. we've had pleasantly cool weather, the kind that gives you an appetite. i've been waiting for this, since so many classic bolognese dishes are rich and based on meat and cheese and pasta. truffles and porcini mushrooms are coming in soon.

by way of explanation, lago maggiore is in the foothills of the alps, on the italian border with switzerland. one side of the lake is in piemonte, the other in lombardia, the top of the lake is actually in switzerland. stresa is on the piemontese side. piemonte is famous for wines: barolo, barbaresco, gattinara, nebbiolo, dolcetto... and i enjoyed being there with grandparents who really enjoy wines.

now i'm reacclimating myself to student life in bo. i awoke this morning to find many members of the p---- family in my kitchen - letizia's parents have been visiting and just left after breakfast. mom and dad came over, as well as brother gabriele and boyfriend jacopo here to see them off. i walked in bleary eyed and said, "che brutta figura faccio adesso", "what an ugly impression i'm making now", since it was the first time i'd met papa. laughs. but i scored an invitation to sicily next summer.


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