Friday, March 10, 2006

language immersion requires a healthy sense of humor

my favorite linguisitic goofs of late:

"I remembered to bring my 'cavoletto' so I can connect to the internet."

cavoletto = little cabbage
cavetto = cable

"This cheese is drying out; I'll put some 'pellicia' on it and get it back in the fridge."

pellicia = fur
pelicola = film / plastic wrap

"I need to stop by the pharmacy and get some 'crema idrante' for my dry skin."

idrante = hydrant, as in fire hydrant
idratatante = hydrating


Anonymous bas said...

"i found an apartment with internet in rome, and with a great 'compagna!'"

compagna = mate (partner)
compagna di appartamento = flatmate

it was not implied after all. but at least we now know how to say furry cheese.

March 14, 2006  
Anonymous bas said...

ok, this one takes the cake:

"occasionally, it is difficult because i do not speak well, but i 'godere' myself a lot."

godere (generale) = enjoy (get pleasure)
godere (amare) = love (get pleasure from)

i'll leave the rest as an exercise to the reader.

March 16, 2006  

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