Monday, September 26, 2005

it's the vendemmia time of year...grapes

in case anyone had any doubts, I'll confirm: my favorite thing to do is going to the market. I've been overwhelmed by the fruit lately and can hardly force myself to eat anything else. Today I got uva moscato, muscat grapes from Sicily that have the same unmistakable sweet flavor they impart to wines. They're gigantic and golden beige. Plums are still coming in, mostly the purple varieties now, and pears and figs and apples. With some good aged cheese, chestnut honey and some bread, I couldn't be happier. Even if I could afford porcini, I'm off them for the moment. Working up to horse tartare at Fantoni sometime soon. I have to space out the creepy foods.

I need to find out who has a family vineyard nearby that needs harvest labor for the weekend. Will pick for room and board.

At the clothes market over the weekend I scored a pair of kidskin boots that actually zip up over my calves. I'm still stretching them out, but at least they don't cut off the circulation to my feet anymore. If I get my act together with English tutoring, maybe I'll be able to have more than one pair of winter shoes.

Not much interesting going on lately. I haven't felt like being out in the late evening now that I'm finally adjusted to a good work schedule - I can't keep up with perpetually sleep-deprived undergrads.

Off to the library - just now opening at 2:30pm. By way of comparison, the NY public research library doesn't open at all on Monday.


Anonymous Bologna's Hero said...

I'm wondering why you're writing this blog in English if you are from Bologna...
Non ti piace scrivere in Italiano o hai organizzato il blog per farlo leggere al di fuori dell'Italia? :-D

September 26, 2005  
Blogger Miss Adventure said...

perche sono americana! ho creato questo blog per comunicare con parenti ed amici negli Stati Uniti. pensavo di tradurre miei post anche in italiano, pero ci vuole tanto tempo.

(because I'm American! I created this blog to communicate with friends and relatives in the U.S. I've thought about translating my posts into italian but it would take a lot of time)

September 27, 2005  
Anonymous Bologna's Hero said...

Grande! Non sai quanto adoro l'America e quanto vorrei andarci!!! Ma l'unica cosa che mi manca adesso è il tempo! E poi l'"American english" è molto più bello da ascoltare secondo me rispetto al "British english"!
A proposito, se di tanto in tanto hai del tempo libero e se non sei impegnata con qualcuno che potrebbe ingelosirsi ( :-D ) potremmo andare a prenderci qualcosa da bere e fare quattro chiacchiere uno di questi giorni! Se ti piace questa idea mandami una mail a !

Ciao ciao

(Cool! You don't know how much I love USA and how much I'd like to go there!!! But now the only thing that I miss is the time! And besides the "American english" is much more better to listen than the "British english" in my opinion!
By the way, if you have free time off and on and if you're not engaged with somebody that can be jealous ( :-D )we could go to take something to drink and natter one of these days! If you like this idea send me an email to !
Bye bye)

September 27, 2005  

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