Thursday, March 16, 2006


some observations on behaviors that have shocked and scandalized the Bolognesi

Apparently wearing my bicycle chain around my neck when it isn't in use is a very New York thing to do. It makes sense to me -- I unlock the bike and rather than clumsily winding it under the seat, where it interferes with my pedalling, I just toss it over my head and I'm off. This is apparently eccentricism approaching lunacy. People stop, stare, point me out to their friends, laugh, and/or comment on my lovely necklace. Let me point out that this is a bicycle town - only with special permits are cars even allowed in the city center during the day. Bikes and bike locks are an everyday part of life in Bologna. Ladies of a certain age pedal along in full length furs, but look at this crazy American!

More serious objections, including threats of being forcibly blow-dried, follow a shampooing. Not using a hair dryer is considered a grave health risk. I am fully aware that my wet head lowers my temperature. My curls cannot withstand the heat damage and so I let them dry naturally. at home. indoors. wearing a sweater, and scarf when I'm chilled. I've been threatened with arthritis, colds and flus, headaches, and sudden death as a result of this behavior. It is not done. Serious arguments insue...


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