Thursday, April 06, 2006

more Italian politics

Check out the Guardian's newsblog on silvio's latest antics. Prodi, aka "The Professor", on the other hand, comes off as an affable, thoughtful man, grandfatherly.

Really. Who votes for Berlusconi? I don't understand conservatives -- how do the intelligent ones team up with the religious freaks, xenophobes and racists, war mongerers (not to mention profiteers), fascists, homophobes and other assorted unsavory types? How does a thoughtful person overlook a "baby-boiler" comment for the promise (illusory) of lower taxes? Shame on you.

Addendum: don't miss the comments at the bottom of the Guardian post. uncensored commentary hilarity. Also, the Guardian offers the best analysis of Italian politics available in English, for those interested.


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